March interested parties can view the items in the auction house

His book "A brief history of time" has been sold a million times.

His ashes were buried in London’s Westminster Abbey – between the graves of the polymath Isaac Newton and the naturalist Charles Darwin. 

As part of the online auction "On the shoulders of giants" Christie’s also auctioned memorabilia from Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Charles Darwin. Total proceeds of around 2.1 million euros were achieved.

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An auction house is making a name for itself with an auction: at the weekend, watercolors from Adolf Hitler’s brush are to be auctioned. After allegations of counterfeiting, the auction house is now speaking.

These watercolors have it all: You can see idyllic pictures of mountains and lakes or churches in a secluded setting. So far, so common. But the signature is "A. Hitler". It will be auctioned in Nuremberg on Saturday. In the catalog, however, the majority of the 31 works initially to be auctioned will no longer be released for auction.

According to "picture" 26 pictures from the auction and 37 others are said to have been confiscated. The public prosecutor’s office stated that it was being investigated because of the initial suspicion of attempted fraud and forgery of documents. Kerstin Weidler from the auction house reports on demand: "Unfortunately we have to announce that some pictures have been deleted due to a review. However, this does not automatically mean that they are fakes." This means that only five watercolors that are supposed to be real come under the hammer. 

It is believed that the remaining works come from the brush of the notorious National Socialist. It is known that the dictator was interested in art, he painted since he was a teenager. The Nuremberg auction house Weidler is offering the works for auction on Saturday. Weidler to "There was already an auction of this kind of pictures in our house. Collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide are interested in buying." The price range is from 630 euros to 45,000 euros.

In addition to art, furniture by Adolf Hitler will also be auctioned

In the catalog it says: "Works from 1907 to 1936 mostly with expertise. Including rare pictures and furnishings." Where the offered discounts come from is also explained: "Some of the objects come from Austrian or European private ownership, originally from prominent artists of the Third Reich, from heirs and also the estates of collectors." 

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There is also a wicker chair from Hitler’s private collection "Wachenfeld House", a tablecloth and a magnificent vase. The model dates from 1940 and is said to be the "Gorch Fock" demonstrate. The vase was a custom-made product for Hitler that was confiscated from the private rooms of the Reich Chancellery in 1945. 

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A dream car for 007 fans has a new owner: a silver-gray Aston Martin sports car that passes through the "James Bond"Films "Goldfinger" and "Fireball" became world famous has been auctioned. 

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Photo series with 70 pictures

At the auction in Monterey, California, the price climbed quickly in a few minutes on Thursday evening and finally landed at around 6.4 million dollars, which corresponds to about 5.7 million euros. The auction house RM Sotheby’s had previously estimated the value of the rare sports car at $ 4 to 6 million and dated "most famous car in the world" spoken. Initially, nothing was known about the buyer. 

The legendary Aston Martin is equipped with numerous extras. Photo: Richard Drew / AP.

The most famous of all Bond cars

The legendary Aston Martin DB5 is equipped with 13 unusual agent extras, including interchangeable license plates, a bulletproof protective shield on the rear of the car, hidden machine guns and an oil syringe to get rid of chasers. The British runabout, which was built in 1965, is considered the most famous of all Bond cars.

There are only three of these in the world "007"-Special designs are known, which were invented in the film according to the instructions of the secret service tinkerer Q, the armorer of James Bond. The car has an ejector seat device. To the annoyance of pursuers, the stern emits smoke bombs, crow’s feet or oil.

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The British manufacturer Aston Martin had to film "Goldfinger" (1964) and "Fireball" (1965) with Sean Connery in the leading role provided a total of four vehicles with special Bond equipment. Since then, the auction has only had three private owners, including a US car museum where the luxury sled was exhibited for 35 years.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Landshut (dpa) – Treasures from the parents’ house of the actress Romy Schneider come under the hammer in Landshut in Lower Bavaria. Around 50 items – including a chest of drawers, a dressing table, handbags and cutlery – are to be auctioned at the Ruef auction house.

A community of heirs who wanted to remain anonymous entrusted him with the collection for auction, says auctioneer Andreas Ruef. The objects come from Haus Mariengrund near Berchtesgaden, where Romy Schneider temporarily spent her childhood. For example, the future world star is said to have liked to hide in a rustic farmer’s chest as a little girl, reports Ruef.

The strategy game "Starcraft" is a real classic and has in common with "Warcraft" and "Command & Conquer" shaped the genre of real-time strategy games for many years. The original program is now available free of charge. And in August a new version will appear that uses the latest technology.

The cliché is that PC gamers are teenagers who spend their free time alone in front of the screen "to play video games" waste. What is often forgotten is that many computer game fans found their passion as teenagers – but that was in the eighties or nineties. They are now often over 50 years old and still enjoy playing.

A reunion with old friends and enemies

Games that were popular ten or 20 years ago rarely run on today’s Windows versions, and even if they work, it’s rarely fun because the programs from that time do not support modern computer hardware. There will be some "Old gambler" look forward to the manufacturer "Blizzard" a reunion with old friends (and enemies) from the Starcraft universe. And that in two ways:

On the one hand, players can now get the original program for free as a download, on the other hand, Blizzard will release the game in August in a pepped version with the technology from 2017. While the original program almost 20 years ago initially only had a screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, the new one will be "Starcraft Remastered"- Version support resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K).

The publication of "Starcraft Remastered" has been announced for August 14, the price is 15 euros. Pre-orderers should receive little extras in the game.

Tip: If you are interested in Starcraft or simply science fiction in general, you should definitely watch the video. It’s very well done and reminds of Hollywood blockbusters like that "Independence Day":

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Landshut (dpa) – A chest of drawers, a dressing table, handbags and cutlery – around 50 items from the possession of the actress Romy Schneider (1938-1982) are being auctioned in Landshut, Lower Bavaria.

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The auction house Ruef will sell the objects on March 30th. They come from Schneider’s parents’ house near Berchtesgaden, where she spent her childhood and later visited again and again, as auctioneer Andreas Ruef said.

A community of heirs who wanted to remain anonymous entrusted the collection to him for auction. Photos show that a mirror that was offered hung next to the actress’s bed. In another picture she is standing next to a wooden statue of the Virgin from the 16th century. Between March 22nd and 27th, interested parties can view the items in the auction house. In addition, a catalog is to be put online in the coming days.

After five days of the fair with lots of new games, Gamescom in Cologne ends on Saturday with a record number of visitors: over 350,000 visitors from 106 countries have flocked to the Rhine for the world’s largest event for computer and video games since Tuesday.

This year the fair changed from a trend fair to a fashion event, where not only hardcore gamers and costumed elves can be seen for a long time. 

With Angela Merkel as the opening speaker, the industry has a kind of "Accolade" industry representatives judge. Even the Chancellor, who was viewed by the Internet as a "New territory" spoke, it is obviously clear that there is a console or PC in almost all living rooms today. Computer games are more popular than ever, the range is huge and at Gamescom you can not only see the best of hardware and software, but also try them out. This year the industry has so many hits in store that it’s not just gamers who get glassy eyes. 

Costumed cosplayers (Source: Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

According to dpa, over 150 politicians from all major parties visited the fair this year – a novelty. Many only understand the dimension of games culture on site. With over 350,000 visitors and 919 exhibitors, it has significantly more visitors than the IFA in Berlin and the CeBIT in Hanover.

Large number of visitors to the games fair in Cologne. (Source: Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

Gamescom visitors: teenagers, cosplayers and normal people

As soon as they enter, the masses of visitors can be divided into three groups: gamers and costumed cosplayers march confidently through the security checkpoints. Swords, spears, laser weapons – often but not always made of plastic – have long since caused no eyelashes among visitors or security personnel. For the standard gamer, a subtle «Doom» shirt is sufficient for legitimation.

Depending on the age group, a friend or a legal guardian trolls in tow. Both of them like to be led through the masses and are obviously happy to have a professional at hand, even if he is only ten years old.

The third group consists of hipster couples who own a console and seem to have heard somewhere that it is now fashionable to go to Gamescom. Sometimes visibly irritated, they follow the rest of the flow of visitors and seem a bit out of place. But in the end they all have one and the same goal: To take a look at the best games and consoles and to test them if possible. But that’s not always easy.

A group of players dressed up as characters "Middle-earth: shadow of war" (Source: Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

Xbox One X and Mini-SNES: Consoles with mega power or retro factor

For example, if you want to get your hands on Microsoft’s new flagship console, the XBox One X, you have to wait for hours – unless you have one of the coveted «Fastpasses». But patience pays off: Microsoft’s workhorse is currently the fastest console with liquid 4K resolution, with Dolby sound, comes with an Ultra HD Bluray drive and is compatible with earlier XBox One hardware and software.

Even the latest games are already making a good impression on the new console. Titles like «Rise of the Tomb Raider» or «Gears of War 4» have been adapted for this, with more to follow. At least on the 4K televisions at Microsoft’s booth, even distant details still look crisp. A similarly powerful PC can certainly do this – but it is not available for 499 euros like the new XBox.

Fully in sight: players with a self-made helmet. (Source: Wolfgang Rattay / Reuters)

The customers seem already convinced of Microsoft’s console: The first contingent of the so-called «Scorpio Edition» is already sold out, although the "XBox One X" not published until the beginning of November. However, Microsoft is still silent about the exact number of units.

Competitor Sony has not yet been able to counter this, but is currently still not in a bad position with the slightly less powerful Playstation 4 Pro. At the moment there is hardly a game that Playstation users have to do without in favor of the XBox One – rather the other way around. In addition, prices are currently falling, so that a Playstation 4 Pro is available from around 350 euros.

Nintendo proves again and again that pure power is not everything. The reissues of the old NES or Super NES consoles (the latter coming in September) are being torn out of the hands of the Japanese – retro gaming is still all the rage.

The new “Switch” console – available since last spring – is also selling well. In contrast to Sony and Microsoft, the console is also suitable for gaming thanks to the integrated screen.