Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: Page price, noise level and power consumption

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The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is a black and white laser printer with a 16-page printing mechanism (per minute). The laser takes up more desk space than it seems at first glance. The paper tray of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 has to be pulled far out of the housing for the paper pick-up. The paper is protected by a dust cover.

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: print speed

The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 put a 20-page Word file on paper in around 80 seconds. This is not particularly fast, but it is completely sufficient for the purpose of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 as a workstation printer. The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 hurried to print the first page. The sheet was in the output slot in less than 10 seconds. The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 also set a good pace for pictures and graphics.

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: print quality

The print quality of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 was average. The text print of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 showed a filigree typeface with smooth letter borders, graphics and photos, on the other hand, were a bit coarser rasterized on the paper.

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: Features

The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is a GDI printer that takes over the PC and controls the print jobs. This is why the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 only has 2 MB of memory that cannot be expanded. Canon does not offer any extensions or additional hardware for the i-Sensys LBP3100.

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: Page price, noise level and power consumption

The price per page of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is around 3.8 cents on a medium to high level. After printing, the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 immediately goes into energy-saving mode. This saves costs and, since the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is no longer audible, it is also easy on the ears. The power consumption of the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 in standby mode is a very low 1.8 watts, the noise level is an imperceptible 0.1 sone. When it comes to printing, the Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is quieter than comparable devices with only 7 sones.

Conclusion Canon i-Sensys LBP3100

The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 is a black and white laser printer that is suitable for the workplace at home and in the office. Its printing speed and print quality are completely sufficient for this. The Canon i-Sensys LBP3100 consumes very little power in standby mode and is practically inaudible in sleep mode.

Canon i-Sensys LBP3100: Alternatives

The black and white laser printer Epson Aculaser M1200 is an entry-level model for the workplace at home and in the office. The laser offers decent performance in terms of print quality and speed. There are no extensions such as a network connection or more memory for the Epson Aculaser M1200.

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Test category

Black and white laser printer

Black and white laser printer manufacturer


Canon’s internet address

Price (recommended retail price)

129 euros

Canon’s technical hotline


Manufacturer’s guarantee

36 months


Quality (30%)


Speed ​​(30%)


Consumption (15%)


Handling (10%)


Equipment (10%)


Service (5%)


Test grade

sufficient (4.00)




Printing technology / number of toner cartridges

Laser / 1

Driver version







Printer emulations: GDI / PCL 6 / PS 3

yes / no / no

RAM: available / maximum upgradeable

2/2 MB

Auto duplex printing



Driver for

Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, Linux, Mac OS



Print (b / w): 1 page text / 20 pages text / 12 pages PDF

9.8 / 79.0 / 52.1 seconds

controversial essay topics in sports

Print (color): 12 pages PDF / 1 page graphics / A4 photo quality mode

not possible / not possible / not possible

Print 1 page of text from energy saving mode

9.8 seconds


Print (b / w): text (normal mode) / text (quality mode) / A4 photo / graphic (quality mode)

satisfactory / satisfactory / satisfactory / satisfactory

Print (Color): PDF (Quality Mode) / A4 Photo (Quality Mode) / Graphics (Quality Mode)

insufficient / insufficient / insufficient

Gray level accuracy (maximum 15 hits)

5 hits

Letter sharpness

still sharp


Cost of pages black and white / color

3.8 / – cents

Starter toner cartridges are sufficient for

700 pages

Price / range of the toner cartridges in post-purchase

57 euros / 1500 pages

Power consumption: off / energy saving mode / operation

0.7 / 1.8 / 500 watts

Energy saving according to

not certified

Toner save mode



Print settings


Operation of printer: control panel / changing toner cartridges / space requirement / processing / paper transport / max. Paper supply / paper output

still simple / simple / 1406 cm² / good / simple / 150 sheets (input tray) / 100 sheets

Operating noise: idling / operation

0.1 / 6.9 sone

Printable media: banners / labels / envelopes / paper / cardstock / foil / photo paper

no / yes / yes / maximum 163 g / m² / yes / yes / no

Borderless printing




Manual: detailed / German / printed / as PDF

yes / yes / no / yes


Warranty period

36 months

Service hotline / German / weekend service / availability / continuous / available by email

069/29993680 / yes / yes / 10 hours / no / yes

Internet site / German / manual available / driver available / auxiliary programs available / yes / no / yes / yes

Devices such as those for the laundry room or the kitchen always keep shorter. This emerges from the interim balance of a long-term study by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) with which the authority wants to find out whether manufacturers are specifically shortening the shelf life of products. Such indications have not yet emerged. However, this question will only be investigated in the second part of the so-called obsolescence study.

«We can say that more washing machines, refrigerators and tumble dryers are defective within five years than ten years ago,» said the UBA. Consumers are apparently replacing such devices much more quickly than they did a few years ago: from 2004 to 2012/2013, the first-time use of washing machines, dryers and refrigerators was reduced by one year to an average of 13 years, the UBA summarizes the results of the study so far.

Only a third of consumers have replaced a functioning device from these product lines with a better one. After all, two thirds would have bought a new one because the old one was broken.

Older televisions give way to more modern ones

For flat screen televisions, consumers would have replaced their devices after an average of 5.6 years in 2012. However, 60 percent of this was not due to defects, but rather to purchase a more modern device. Compared to the initial period of use of a tube television, which was between ten and twelve years from 2005 to 2012, this value has nevertheless been significantly reduced for modern televisions.

According to the study, the initial period of use of notebooks has remained almost the same. Between the ages of five and six, consumers type and surf with their device. The reasons for the exchange, however, have changed fundamentally: Whereas in 2004 70 percent of the functional devices were exchanged because of a technical innovation and the desire for a better notebook, this was «only in around a quarter of the cases» in 2012/2013, is it [called.

Examination of specific vulnerabilities follows

The interim report is primarily based on the results of representative consumer surveys by the Society for Consumer Research. On the basis of the interim results, no evidence can yet be found that manufacturers built «targeted» weak points into their products, it is said.

Electronic devices with an expiry date: short-lived technical devices annoy many customers. Deceptive bargains: the nasty tricks of the electronic discounter. Device insurance for cell phones rarely makes sense

«When using electrical and electronic devices, the picture is very different. There are different reasons for using devices for a shorter period of time,» said UBA President Maria Krautzberger. «The extent to which planned wear and tear is responsible for this will now be clarified in the second half of the study.» In any case, strategies to extend the life of devices should be aimed at both manufacturers and consumers.

The Federal Environment Agency demands a best-before date for devices – comparable to the labeling on food. It wants to take action against planned obsolescence and increase the service life of devices. 

The television is one size larger, the espresso machine made of stainless steel instead of plastic and the smartphone a bit thinner: According to studies, German citizens are buying new electrical appliances at ever shorter intervals. Many old devices end up in the trash even though they still work. «At the latest when the old cell phone is ridiculed by others as a telephone booth, one looks for a new one,» complains Maria Krautzberger, President of the Federal Environment Agency. The agency has declared war on waste. But it won’t be easy to win.

White goods are bought new faster

Washing machines, dryers and refrigerators are being replaced after 13 years today, a year earlier than ten years ago, as the office has determined. Every third device would then still be functional. A television is bought every five and a half years, although the old device is still running in 60 percent of cases – then possibly in the bedroom or children’s room; the second use was not examined.

No printers with a date of death

«The lifespan and usage time are decreasing, the development dynamics are increasing», summarizes Krautzberger at a conference in Berlin and is investigating whether manufacturers consciously build devices such as televisions, printers or mixers so that they break early. Rainer Grießhammer, Managing Director of the Freiburg Öko-Institut, seconded: «What we don’t want are printers with a built-in date of death.»

Old software makes devices unusable

However, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet been able to find any proof of the planned product death, as CEO Hubert Primus says. «That’s not the main problem either.» The product testers are more annoying when consumers can no longer use devices because software from the printer driver to the operating system is no longer updated. If after a few years there are no spare parts. Or when smartphones and tablets are glued instead of screwed – repairs are impossible.

Cheap goods break faster

However, the repair is often not worthwhile, admits Primus. Televisions, for example, are manufactured cheaply in countries such as China, but expensive to repair in Germany. From Primus’ point of view, however, it is your own fault who uses cheap goods. «Anyone who spends less than 80 euros on a vacuum cleaner will get a device that will go to your knees faster.» The limit for washing machines is around 500 euros.

The Federal Environment Agency wants to achieve with a uniform, statutory minimum service life marking that devices last longer and stay in use longer. So far, such information has only been rudimentary: Notebook manufacturers, for example, have to specify how often the battery can be charged at least. Lamp manufacturers indicate operating hours.

Longer lasting is more environmentally friendly

In most cases, the more durable, the more environmentally friendly, says the Federal Environment Agency. Even if the advertising promises that the latest washing machine will save even more electricity and water. There has not been much progress in the past few years. In addition, advertising hides the ecological balance during production as well as the loss of raw materials when recycling old devices.

Industry and consumer protection are not convinced of the minimum service life marking. «Such labels would be desirable, but they also have to be practical,» says Primus. Determining the service life consistently is difficult. The industry association ZVEI has expressed a similar view. Managing director Klaus Mittelbach relies on quality competition. «The German manufacturers will do everything to ensure that the next time the customer buys his product again.»

The causes of waste 

UBA sociologist Christian Löwe sees deeper causes of waste anyway. «People don’t consciously buy anymore. They think they have to do it because others do too.» This is a cultural problem. «Wanting to catch up, wanting to belong plays a major role.» «Short life as a survival strategy» – from Löwe’s point of view this is a vicious circle.

Planned aging: technology with an expiry date should be punished in France Electrical devices with an expiry date: short-lived technology devices annoy many customers

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Samsung I9000 Galaxy S 8GB

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With the Galaxy S, Samsung has succeeded in another top mobile phone that can only be showered with praise: It is extremely flat, incredibly fast, incredibly powerful and perfectly processed. The hardware and software form a harmonious symbiosis and also offer a lot of power reserves. Even graphically very complex games do not throw the Galaxy S off the hook. The very well designed TouchWiz 3.0 user interface has several advantages over the native Android view. The Galaxy doesn’t really show any significant weaknesses. If you really want to criticize something, it is the lack of an LED for the camera; less for picture taking, but more for video mode. In addition, the aluminum case of the Samsung Wave would have improved the impression of quality, although the plastic used does not look inferior. Samsung should also lend a hand with the micro-stuttering in video recording. In addition, some small spelling mistakes in the system still have to be corrected. However, it should be said: This is grumbling at a high level. The direct competitor is the HTC Desire. The higher quality case, the more comfortable user interface with SenseUI and HTC’s experience with Android and future updates speak in favor of the Desire. The Samsung scores with a great display, the powerful processor including a very good graphics unit and the extremely slim design. The new Samsung flagship is available for a current street price of around 450 euros. An update to Google’s latest Android version 2.2 has already been announced.