And China is losing a vassal

And America under Trump is the nightmare for a militarily dependent ally like Japan.

Kim Jong Un with China’s President Xi Jinping during a surprise visit to Beijing: The decades-long partnership seems to be crumbling (source: dpa)

What is America winning? Wrong question. What’s in it for Trump? He could get what no president did: diplomatic relations on nuclear disarmament. A peace treaty, believe it or not, 55 years after the end of the war. This opens up economic relations with North Korea. And China is losing a vassal.

More is hardly possible and nobody expected it. Donald Trump can make history. Mr. Bombastic will constantly pile up bombastic monsters for it. And we couldn’t even blame him for it.

Spectacular announcement: North Korea stops nuclear and missile tests North Korea waives nuclear tests: Who is the better player: Trump or Kim? Before the summit: telephone line set up between North and South Korea

The historic chance for two pubescent loudmouths

What’s in it for the world? You lose the fear of a nuclear war between two countries with will-o’-the-wisps on the buttons. She is reminded again that the 21st century will take place in Asia – in the competition between America and China. And America should never be written off, not even under Donald Trump.

I don’t mean to say it will come that way. After all, a process is initiated in which interests are defined and the seriousness of the noble intentions can be verified. In the end, it never comes out quite the way it was initially hoped. But suddenly a lot seems to be possible that we just thought was unthinkable. Let’s hope that the two pubescent loudmouths don’t gamble away their historical chances. 

Long before the end of the membership decision, an alleged SPD member wrote that the result of 66 percent had already been determined. Since then, the SPD has struggled with conspiracy theorists. But not just with that.

After the announcement of the result of the SPD membership decision, conspiracy theories spread – although Juso boss and #NoGroko advocate Kevin Kühnert had emphasized that everything was running smoothly.


Because of numerous inquiries: Our # SPD- # member vote is counted by 120 members (#YoGroko and #NoGroko) and notarized. No shit. Please let conspiracy theories stick. ☝️&# 129299;

– Kevin Kühnert &# 128567; (@KuehniKev) March 3, 2018" ,

A post on the Jusos Facebook page in particular stirs up dust. An alleged SPD member wrote there on February 20 that the result was already clear: 66 percent for Groko. The exact result was announced on Sunday.

Shortly after the announcement of the membership vote, the first users remembered what a man from Chemnitz had written under a Jusos contribution: he had sent his letter away and with it "No" voted. Literally it went on: "But this will probably be of little use, because the Politburo has already received the result: 66% approval." 

66 percent approval: The correct approval of the Groko membership decision was predicted by an alleged SPD member. (Source: dpa / Kay Niethfeld, screenshot Facebook)

SPD: Don’t have a member by name

Since then, users have been using this posting as evidence that the vote was manipulated. Among others, right-wing activist Ester Seitz, who has been active throughout Germany for a long time, announced to her more than 20,000 Facebook followers: "It’s real, I checked it out." AfD politicians also referred to the contribution. It will soon be deleted, speculated users. Others replied: "It can no longer be covered up." 

In fact, the post was canceled on February 20th – like others in which users with different percentages claimed that the result of the vote had already been determined. The Chemnitz user had hit the right number.the thesis in an argumentative essay __________. Even his alleged SPD membership ("have been a member for 49 years!") but is very doubtful. "There is no one with his last name in the SPD in Germany", explains the SPD party headquarters. And nobody in the SPD office in Chemnitz is known with that name.

"Gotta turn off the government"

The man’s profile on Facebook, which has been active since January, is not necessarily wrong, there he also shows a lot of interest in cycling topics and 1. FC Kaiserslautern. But he regularly receives likes from AfD politicians Alice Weidel and Beatrix von Storch. A "I like it" also received a Weidel contribution: "For the first time in its history, the AfD overtook the SPD at the federal level – we are the second strongest force in Germany!" Under a posting by AfD MP Thorsten Weiß "Government plans the death of the people" he wrote "Then we just have to turn off the government." He did not respond to a request from

So there is nothing to suggest that the user had real information about the membership vote. Even so, users speculate that he is "maybe an insider who broke the collar and vented with it". However, all experts to be taken seriously have little doubt about the explanation of an SPD spokesman: "The membership vote is forgery-proof and protected against manipulation of any kind." An external notary supervised the entire process – in addition to the 48-person mandate review and counting committee. 

Letters came to the SPD with police escort

The members’ letters were only transported to Berlin from the Deutsche Post mail center in Leipzig on Saturday evening – with police escort and GPS monitoring. The 120 members sent by the regional associations were then counted. Among them, in a red sweater, Manfred Alex, grandpa of Juso boss and No-Groko pioneer Kevin Kühnert. "Strict #NoGroko and demonstrably incorruptible", wrote Kühnert about the grandpa. "Please let conspiracy theories stick."


@KuehniKev’s grandpa also counted – and beamed. Before counting out. (Via @spd_ts) #Members vote #groko

– Lars Wienand (@LarsWienand) March 4, 2018" ,

There is also other criticism of the membership decision: The controversial Offenbach SPD member Olav Müller wants "to challenge the thing, we won’t put up with it". As the former chairman of a local association, Müller was repeatedly on a public course of confrontation with decisions of the party leadership. According to his own statements, he is now looking for good specialist lawyers with like-minded people, because clearly and "vicious" The party conference decision had been violated, he said in a Facebook video.

His Facebook post has already been shared around 5,000 times. His accusation is that the party executive did not provide balanced information and intervened manipulatively during the vote. "A Pro-Groko group was able to enclose an instruction leaflet"it be "monstrous"how advertising was done. This clearly violated the party congress resolution to allow pro and contra to have an equal say. 

Sources used: The Jusos Facebook posting with the 66 percent comment, SPD page on the member vote, announcement of the contestation by SPD member Olav Müller, other sources, show less sources

Why do we deal with the past? Because it hasn’t passed. 2018 is also a year to remember America’s best times: When it saved Europe in two wars.

Exactly a hundred years ago, an American president put forward a plan that would lay the foundation for peace after the terrible world war. His name was Woodrow Wilson, and he was an unusual president: a morally inspired intellectual who had taught at Princeton and was late in politics; a man who, from the first day of the war, wondered what international order might prevent the European powers from future slaughter.

Wilson submitted fourteen points on January 8, 1918. Its first purpose was to restrict «Germany’s power to evil,» which is why it had to cede areas in the east and west. But he also wanted to be a generous victor and accept Germany into the League of Nations, which was to secure the collective order in the future. His idealism symbolized the right to self-determination, which he granted every nation.

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Trump represents the US as it was before 1914

In today’s terminology, Woodrow Wilson was an internationalist, a globalist. He went down in American history as the president who led his reluctant country to war. America decided war, prepared peace, and was rising to world power.

But the isolationists prevented the internationalists from doing so. They just wanted to deal with themselves. America left Europe to its own devices. Only Franklin Delano Roosevelt and World War II changed that.

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Today we have good reason to believe that the world power America is in decline. Donald Trump, the epitome of the vulgar and shameless, is a glaring symptom of this. At the same time, he embodies the self-centered, isolationist, xenophobic country as it was back then, before 1914.

Plenty of opportunity to look back

This year there will be many opportunities to look back. A hundred years ago, in 1918, a lot began that worries, preoccupies, and frightens us today.

Syria and Iraq and Palestine are products of the post-war order that did not bring peace, but instead created conflicts that continue to have an impact today. Turkey under Erdogan ties in with the Ottoman Empire, which perished in the First World War, and would be only too happy to be a model for the Muslim world. Russia, which brought communism into the world in 1917, is also one of the revisionist powers that do not want to accept the status quo.

It was a hundred years ago, but the past has become the present again. But a hundred years can also enliven the imagination.

What would have happened without the Versailles Treaty?

Woodrow Wilson (left), already elected, and his predecessor Taft: Wilson gave up the neutrality of the USA – and wanted to reorganize the world. (Source: Reuters)

For example, I love what-if questions: What if America had not indulged in isolationism in 1918, but Woodrow Wilson had the chance to realize the 14 peace points?

It would have been less easy for the German right to rant about a stab in the back of the fighting troops. The Weimar Republic would not have had the burden of huge reparations. The world economic crisis would still have come over us, with mass unemployment and a shift to the right as the consequences. But Hitler came to power mainly because of the Versailles Treaty, the stab in the back legend, and the Great Depression. Would he also be under other circumstances?

Nothing in history is predetermined. There are always alternatives that are also possible, but do not come into play. Every now and then we should say to ourselves: History gives us a choice. It didn’t have to come the way it came. And the other, which did not prevail, might have been better, but perhaps also worse.